Record Audio Calls on iPhone & Android – The Easy Way

Several audio call recorder services are available for those who need them, but few provide the value you seek along with the quality of the recording and the easy ability to access those recordings when you need them. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular call recording options and do some serious comparison shopping.

  1. Call Recording – Although this strictly Android app is used by many Phandroids in this country and many others, sadly it has received mediocre reviews on its user-friendliness. Also, at $10 per month, it seems inexpensive enough, but every little bit truly does add up. Total usage fees over a year add up to $120, which isn’t the worst price, but there are certainly cheaper options out there as well. Not only that but if you are one of the several million iPhone users around the world you need to look elsewhere. 
  2.  Call Recorder – Okay, so this app doesn’t discriminate if you happen to be an Apple user, but there are some other disadvantages here to take into consideration. First of all. it’s not an unlimited usage service, meaning that it costs harmlessly enough around 10 cents per minute. That translates to approximately six dollars per one hour of conference calling though. Do the math here: If you conduct one two-hour conference call, you’re actually spending $12 for that one call, which is more than an entire month of calling for most services. It also only covers you for outgoing calls. So, if a client or other contact calls you and you want to record it, you’re out of luck.
  3. TapeACall – Proudly listed as the number one business app in 35 different countries around the world, TapeACall features the following: Truly unlimited call recording, no per-minute usage fees, a super easy to use interface, both incoming and outgoing call recording, the ability to record calls you’re already on, downloadable MP3 format, the ability to share recordings with clients and others, custom labels for recordings, iPhone and Android compatibility, and much more. All this is also available for an alarmingly low rate of $7.99 per YEAR. That’s right — per year, not per month! For such a low price, if recording calls from your smartphone is something you need even just once or twice a year, it’s silly not to make such a minor investment. 

Having your business calls recorded can be an invaluable resource. As with any new technology, there can be some trepidation involved if you’re not already familiar with using the software. Rest assured that using TapeACall to record your conversations from your smartphone is easier than opening up a Facebook account. It’s a simple four-tap process:

  1. Tap the Record button. Nothing tricky here. We all know the bright red circle that represents record since our early days with VHS technology. Press this classic icon and you are officially dialing in.
  2. Tap the Merge call button. This merges your conversation with our servers so we can record for you. Your call is officially recording.
  3. Tap the Playback button. We all know what this button looks like as well. Tap it to hear your fully recorded conversation.
  4. Tap the Share button. All recordings are secure and shareable with whomever you would like to share them with. 

After everything is recorded, you should also have access to these recordings in downloadable MP3 formats. This will allow you to send off the recordings to be transcribed if you want a written record of them or need immediate access to the conversation without having to pull up the audio. 

“TapeACall” is widely regarded as one of the easiest apps to use and record calls on iPhone or Android. Please contact us for more information today.

The Easiest Way To Record Calls On The iPhone

TapeACall makes it easy to record calls you're already on, or calls you're about to make.

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