July 19, 2021

Make Podcasting Easy With iPhone and Android Call Recording

The internet, technology, and everything about the world around us is rapidly changing every single day. In the same way, communication and the way people get information is radically changing. No longer are newspapers the sole leaders in delivering news. Today social media (like Twitter and Facebook) and online publications rule the world.

One growing category of the online media and communications world is podcasting. Podcasts are recorded audio commentary shows for people to listen to or download online. Podcasts are often directed towards a specific niche of people with a common theme in every show (such as a podcast about health and body care or a podcast about a specific sports team).

Anyone can start a podcast, which is the beauty of it all. While the most popular podcasts are usually hosted by people with some level of fame to their name, anyone with a computer can start up a podcast and begin.

For anyone who is looking to start a podcast, and anyone who already has started a podcast, one of the most frustrating parts of recording is having guests on and completing the task of call recording.

Do I need guests?

Some entry-level podcasters may not think there really is a need for guests. Well, do you want your podcast to grow? Having the same one or two people hosting a podcast every episode can be fine, but even your diehard fans will get sick of the same voices and opinions after a while. Having experts or common folk come on as guests can make new people want to listen and keep your regular listeners returning for more.

Additionally, if you get an expert on your podcast, they usually will share a link once the podcast is live, bringing in any fans they may have as well!

So, do you need guests on your podcast? YES.

The hard part of having guests on is grabbing their audio. Often, guests on podcasts can be on opposite ends of the country, so it’s not as simple as meeting up to record in the same room. Audio recording is typically done over the phone or online.

While radio stations have lots of equipment to record phone calls, the common person who may just be starting up their podcast does not have access to much of that equipment. They must find alternatives to get the job done.

Inconsistent ways of recording guest audio

Several ways of recording audio are available, but some fallbacks that are attached to those methods can cause issues and make them unreliable.

Some people phone guests in and put the phone on speaker, then using an external recording device to record the audio. This leads to a poor quality of audio, as well as a final product that often is too quiet.

You can record and save audio over Skype with programs that can be downloaded to your computer, but this requires your guests to have access to Skype, and the audio recording programs often cost a lot of money.

Another method is using Google Hangouts broadcasted over a private YouTube channel, but this is dependent on a solid Internet connection. Everyone on the call must have a good connection in order for the podcast to be successful. If one person’s connection happens to fall through for even a second, the whole podcast could be a failure.

The right way to record guest audio

The most reliable and the best way to record guest audio is to use cellular call recording. Call recording goes through the actual phone lines, doesn’t rely on an internet connection, and is very simple.

TapeACall call recording is available for both Android and iPhones, and allows users to easily grab their own and their guests audio. They just have to set up a phone call with their guest, add in TapeACall, and then the call is automatically recorded and available for download following the completion of the call. Once the audio is downloaded, the podcaster can edit out anything they need to from their guest segment and put it into their completed podcast.

You don’t have to worry about an Internet connection going out and ruining your podcast experience. TapeACall is much more convenient and available at a lower price.

If you want more information about call recording and how you can use it to grow your podcast, contact us today!